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I'm a mother, wife, quilter, operations director, photographer, former ad exec, CrossFitter, continuous student, and maker-of-things. I've decided if I think I can do it, then I can. I love working with color in any form and creating items that will be around for generations. When I become passionate about something, I dive in 100%. When I fell in love with quilting, I knew that eventually I would have to learn how to long arm quilt, because I love having control of every step of a project. So, here we are, I own Boba Quilting where I am able to share my passion with several other amazing women. We all love to quilt, and we all want everyone to go home with a quilt they are proud to share with their friends and family. Let me know how I can help you finish your beautiful quilts. Pricing for edge-to-edge pantograph quilting starts at .02 a square inch. 

(415) 533-8952

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