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Hi....I have been sewing for 40+ years, mostly garments, home décor, household items and crafts.  In 2012 I took up quilting and have since made over 60 quilts for my friends and family.  I have been long arming my own quilts for 3 years.  I enjoy every aspect of quilt making and love to finish them myself.  In my community, I discovered a great many people only get as far as finishing the top, but never have it quilted.  I think it is a shame not to complete the quilt and share it or enjoy it yourself.  I would love to help you realize the joy of sharing a "hug" with someone special.  Please contact me for an estimate and make your "sewn together pieces of fabric into a treasure"!! Pricing for edge-to-edge meander quilting is .01 a square inch.

Susan Arbuckle

(916) 834-4185

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